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Default Exo.Rant-Review of "VDP" by John van der Put


As promise, a review of the new card transformation effect by John van der Put...

Exo.Rant-Review of "VDP" by John van der Put...

After a gruelling day of working with Packer's 'piece' (Thanks a great deal for this! I'm sure you not what I mean...), I finally found myself in possession of my request. As much as I attempt not to distinctly 'highlight' an ExoMember's stuff for fear of them gaining a VIP status, I must say that, for my first request, Packer has indeed delivered... Very Fast!
I look forward to seeing more from you (And hope the material is a pleasure to review as "VDP")

A quarter-by-quarter change of a signed card... Each change, slow and literally visual eye-candy for both:
1. The spectator ("OMG... My card is changing...")
2. The performer ("I love VDP!!... But please don't hear the change...")
If you haven't already seen the demo, I implore you to have a peek... It's quite astounding!

Tudor-esque Explanation of "VDP"...
Okay... Card is selected and signed on face by spec along top border. Signed card is then folded width-wise and length-wise. Starting off, face of card towards you, back towards spectator. Proceed to perform "VDP" whilst showing the card continually the spectator as each quarter is transformed.

Diving in depth: "VDP" broken apart...
Now, let's re-digest what was written to promote the trick:
"Very occasionally, someone develops a brand-new methodology which allows for effects which were previously considered impossible."
I would like to comment that the methodology is not exactly brand-new... It's just altered. I could combine 2 tricks to give the methodology for this... But I didn't and there is something new about this trick that I doubt anyone could've thought of. So, van der Put... You gain my respect for your 'discovery'.

Alright, originality aside... VDP is a cool trick to do with a few flaws, the main one already being pointed out by Dai747. Before I go into that, I'll start of with the gimmick.
Yes, okay... Stop complaining! I know I review quite a lot of tricks involving gimmicks, but it's not my fault that they seem to be quite popular nowadays!
Miracles like these need gimmicks... I just pray that one day, gimmicks won't be just virtual pieces of card that can change shape and stuff... That won't be magic no more! Anyhow, the VDP gimmick will take some time to make and it'll prb. be worth your while to make a batch in one go. It's a little messy and quite similar to "Color Fusion", so those who know about that trick will be quite at home.

Not much to say about handling... The transformation is quite similar to T&Rs, but there is one aspect that makes it much easier... I leave that for you to find out! Though the card is folded... Throughout the 4 parts of the change, most of the card is shown 'cleanly'... Once again, the gimmick helps with this. The card can be handed to the spectator for keeping, leaving you relatively clean and stic... Actually, I'll leave that for you to find out too!

Problems arise when you first have the spectator sign the card, and while doing the change.
Spectators might notice the gimmicked card (And I don't know how on EARTH he pulled off giving the whole card to the spectator to sign!... The gimmick must have been PERFECT!). I would keep hold of the card and kind of hold my hand in the general location I want to shield from signing (or just point to the specific area).
Second problem is during the various changes... They are quite noisy to do... You want to be doing this in a fairly 'loud' environment, and not too close to the spectator. By 'loud', I don't mean a rave party!... Just make sure there's ambient noise in the background. Don't worry to take a few steps back so that you can perform this feat in open-ness. It also gives space between you and any hecklers that try to reach for the card mid-way. Gauge your audience to gauge how far you can stand... Be award of your surrounding so that you can perform VDP cleanly!

On top of the transformation and his variation ("VDP Transposition"), van der Put also throws in 3 other tricks: "The Prediction", "Dream Card" and "Signed". Quite interesting concepts, though some extra stuff will be necessary for "The Prediction"... The stuff will be COSTLY. "VDP Transposition" is the trick that van der Put performs on the demo... Beware!... It requires good audience management!

Bare-Bones Bottom Line...
Quite an impressive trick to have, if you're familiar with ideas like "Color Fusion". It sure benefited me... And I'll be looking forward to trying this trick in future!
On Exo, a mere 5 links... If you're a card magician that's interested in slow transformations, VDP should be right up on your list!

Hope you liked the review!
Feel free to comment or 'spar'...

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