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Default Review: Biokinesis by Berk Eratay

Biokinesis by Berk Eratay

We are all familiar with what this amazing and unique piece of magic that Berk Eratayís Biokinesis has to offer. During any point in your performance, the magician closes his eyes and without a moments hesitation the magicianís eyes have now turned eerily white.
After revealing any part of a magic or Mentalism effect, the magician closes his eyes and rubs his temples, almost as if the magician is coming out of his white eyed trance like state. This eerily and starting turn of events can be repeated as many times and the magician sees fit. But the straight forward action of changing the colors of your eyes, you can make almost any effect you have, that much more astonishing and completely 100% unforgettable.

$31.00 for only the DVD.
$78.00 for the DVD and gimmicked contact lenses.
$47.00 for replacement contact lenses.

Since my first initial purchase of Biokinesis from Penguin Magic obviously only had the DVD. While I was in the midst of watching the DVD which is taught by both Marc Spelmann and Berk Eratay, I had placed an order for the official contact lenses which arrived in a very timely matter. But before I get into the contact lenses let me discuss the teaching aspects that are on the DVD. Every single aspect of Biokinesis is discussed at length while taking the time to slowly discuss everything it is you need to learn before attempting to put the contact lenses on and trying them out. Since I have never wore contact lenses before in my whole life I found it very, VERY help to learn that Marc Spelmann has never wore contact lenses either, so it was comforting and reassuring that he was in the same boat as I was, and Berk really does a tremendous job by taking his time to discuss step by step what you need to do before ever attempting to put the contact lenses on your eyes.

To start the DVD off, Berk Eratay begins by discussing where he got the inspiration for Biokinesis. He also shares a couple of funny stories that he went through when he first started to put together what would be needed to accomplish an effect to change the color of his eyes. They are all very entertaining stories which then slowly transitions into a short clip of him performing on Uri Geller shows and winning first prize as well. Watching his performance certainly gave me a chance and some insight into his own personal presentation which was all amazing eye candy. He definitely took quite a bit of time to structure his performance, by activating Biokinesis whenever he was ready to reveal a thought or anything else that he had incorporated into his Mentalism routine.
Watching his performance alone will certainly give you some good ideas (without copying him of course). After that section of the DVD you then proceed to be given advice from Berk on exactly when & where to perform.

Personally, I donít see how there could be any bad ideas and applications, versus good ideas and applications. All you have to do is be creative which is what I love about Biokinesis. After this section of the DVD you are then given all the information on what it is exactly you receive with the DVD. Since here in the States you can only purchase the DVD, however you can easily purchase the specific contact lenses needed over seas. Afterwards you are given all the information needed on how to properly take care of the contact lenses, as well as what sort of contact lenses cleaner needed along with the contact lenses lubricant eye drops incase you both your eyes and contacts begin to dry out.

As I stated above, since Marc Spelmann has never once wore contacts, it really made the learning process that much easier because he asks all the questions you will more than likely be thinking and want the answers to as well. Step by step you learn along side with Marc Spelmann at a leisurely pace making the learning process much easier and fun to watch as well. The teaching is simple and straight to the point making the whole learning process that much more enjoyable. Moving along, next, you are shown step by step on how to properly take care of the contact lenses, especially the doís and doníts when it comes to cleaning and taking care of the contacts. Berk also goes into details about what you should do if you would happen to have dropped you contact lenses on the floor, table, etc. You are then shown in great detail, the correct way to clean the lenses with a delicate touch because these contact lenses are super soft lenses and can tear easily. So be sure to follow all of the detailed instructions and you should have plenty of time to use the same contact lenses for a number of months, depending on how often you would use them.

If anyone happens to be unfamiliar with how to put contact lenses in, Marc is also shown step by step the correct method to put the contacts in and to take them out. That aspect of the teaching on the DVD really helped me out tremendously, since I was a complete amateur of wearing contacts, Berk really takes the time to make sure you understand all of the little nuances that make Biokinesis that much more powerful of an effect enhancer.

Once youíve finished wearing the contacts for the day/night you are shown the same easy way to remove the contacts without damaging them since they are so dang fragile!
Next on the DVD by both Berk and Marc really helps a tremendous amount on just how to activate the contact lenses, as well as 3 different methods on how to change your eyes back to normal. I truly love the fact that Berk devised 3 different methods, varying in difficulty, to both activate and deactivate the lenses whenever you feel like doing so.
Berkís teaching and methods really do shine through since he had taken him 8 years to get to the final product that will be sold with the DVD.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed watching both Berk and Marc discuss every little detail that you might be asking yourselves while watching the DVD along with tremendous audio quality.

Quality of material (if it is a gimmick etc):
Now here is where a lot of people make the mistake about the contact lenses gimmick that came with Biokinesis. Without giving too much away, if you think that the contact lenses needed for this effect is your average, run of the mill contacts, then you couldnít possibly be further from the truth. There was a very, very well founded and reason it took Berk Eratay 8 years to finalize and then ultimately sell his Biokinesis effect with the worlds softest contact lenses. They are extremely fragile so it would be best to use extreme care when it comes down handling them to either put them in or to take them out. These contact lenses do not correct your eyesight they are purely for cosmetic purposes. Much more detail is given in the DVD, so I do not want to give away anymore hints, but I will say that the contacts were specially design for the Biokinesis effect.

The life expectancy of the contacts varies as to how much or how little you use them. If you were to purchase the contact lenses and left them in the small vial, then they would be good for almost two years. However, if you decided to wear the contacts on a daily basis and perform with him on a daily basis for weeks on end, then you can expect them to last about 6 months. Which, might not sound like much however, in my first week of performing while wearing the Biokinesis contacts, I made enough money in tips to buy 4 replacement lenses. So if youíre serious about performing magic to make a living, then it is a relatively small price to pay to purchase one or two new little vials with contact lenses as back ups. On the other hand, if youíre just into magic as a hobby or any other perspective in magic that might not justify buying not only the DVD and the contacts, but the continual purchase of replacement lenses. Personally, I donít mind having to purchase new contact lenses, since I have made almost double the amount of tips because I have incorporated such awe inspiring and amazing piece of magic to enhance my other magic, Biokinesis basically pays for itself.

There really is not all that much difficulty that youíll go through if you choose to purchase and perform Biokinesis. If you can get past the initial stage of putting in the contact lenses for the first time, that is your first hurdle which can be accomplished with patients (youíll need it if youíve never wore contact lenses before!) and taking your time.
Although the premise for Biokinesis is straight forward and to the point it doesnít mean that you shouldnít practice both activating and deactivating Biokinesis. Berk walks though each step with both you and Marc and starts off with the easiest method to get used to getting ready to activate the contact lenses. So do not expect that youíll be doing it right away, because by doing so you may not only ruin your contact lenses but your eyes as well. Be sure to practice and give it the time it deserves, and after while youíll realize how you can simply activate and deactivate almost automatically. So I highly suggest sticking with it and if you give it the time it deserves, then you will be rewarded with a piece of magic that no one will ever forget about you and the effect you performed using Biokinesis!

As I stated previously above, I just cannot see there being any right or wrong way to use the Biokinesis effect. By using your imagination Iím sure anyone and everyone would be able to come up with an effect or routine that you feel could benefit from throwing in an effect no one will ever see coming with only the sky as the limits. You can also almost be 99.9% unforgettable to whomever you perform for, whether itís tabling hopping, strolling magic, private parties etc. Let me give you a good example of what I mean exactly, before I ever even heard of Biokinesis, I would perform my magic routines and they would get some very good responses. Sometimes I would have to leave one table to try and hit as many more as possible, yet I would get people asking for ďjust one more!Ē to which I would reply, absolutely but do you remember my name? Now, about 3-4 times out of 10 people just drew a blank and honestly couldnít remember my name. It had nothing to do with my performance, or at least thatís what I would like to believe, but some people just have selective hearing. To which I am guilty of as well, I will meet someone, nod my head in agreement with what they are talking about, but to be honest, my mind wandered off and I drew a blank, much like the same thing that used to happen when I was table hopping in number of years ago.

Now, with Biokinesis and Smoke by Alan Rorrison, I have never once had anyone forget my name and it has already increased the number of private party gigs and many other gigs that I networked through my routine and effects utilizing the Biokinesis effect. As to how this effect should be done, I personally think it should be used to enhance any other effect such as revealing a spectators card, Mentalism or any other effect you would normally perform to make the effect that much stronger. You can perform Biokinesis as an effect in and of itself, but from my personal experience and giving it a try it just didnít have the same amazing reactions as compared to using Biokinesis to make a reveal as dramatic as and much more memorable than would be otherwise.

Overall Rating:
Overall I honestly feel that it has been one of the greatest, if not the greatest purchase I have ever bought in all of the 10+ years of performing magic. It accomplishes everything I had hoped it would accomplish and even much more!

The Magician looking to make a living with magic would greatly benefit from purchasing Biokinesis, and replacement contact lenses and the whole entire effect itself, will pay for itself within the first week of performing. On the other hand, if you are a hobbyist in magic and cannot justify having to purchase replacement contact lenses might be a little disappointed when the time comes when you need to purchase new contacts. However I am not saying you wonít enjoy the effect, in fact it will be quite the opposite once you perform it for the first time and watch people gasp and just back in shocked amazement and begin to wonder if they had just witnessed something as close to real magic as possible.
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These sound wicked!

But I really freaked out about putting anything in my eyes!
When I get a little more serious about putting on a show I will think about it a little more as I do believe it would put any act over the top!

Again, thanks for the effort and time you put into this! It is nice to have a first hand experience with a prop, lacking that it the next best thing is a "friend's" thoughts and opinions on it. I am definitely going to put this on my wish list assuming I can get over my willies using contacts!

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i can not understand that what you want to saying please explain it again..
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