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  1. Jason Powers, TV Magic, Jen Kramer And More [Magic Bulletin]
  2. The Clairvoyants Return To The AGT Stage On Champions
  3. Dr. Howard Saul: Magic And Medicine
  4. Happy (Belated) Birthday To Teller
  5. David Garrity On CT Style
  6. Blackpool Magic Convention 2019 Starts Today
  7. Congratulations To Jon And Julie Dorenbos
  8. Justin Flom Visits James Corden
  9. Shin Lim Talks To Talent Recap
  10. Valentine?s Day With Hoang Tung
  11. Jasen Magic On Detroit Television
  12. Nash Fung Returns To His Alma Mater
  13. Shin Lim On Last Night?s The AGT Champions
  14. Scott Green On Windy City Live
  15. Broken Wand: Gary Darwin
  16. Reality Shows And Larry Thompson Broken Wand [Magic Bulletin]
  17. Redneck Comedy Magic With James Michael [NSFW]
  18. Brent Kessler?s Tricky Tuesday
  19. Jon Dorenbos Makes His AGT Champions Comeback
  20. Matt Johnson, AGT Wildcards And Denny Haney Memorial Fund [Magic Update]
  21. Lu Chen On CGTN?s Spring Festival Gala
  22. San Wee Wishes You A Great Lunar New Year
  23. Magic On Reality TV Round Up
  24. Rob Lake On ABC?s Strahan And Sara
  25. Wayne Hoffman Visits Pickler And Ben
  26. Carisa Hendrix, Terry Roses And Joe Diamond [Magic Bulletin]
  27. Billy Kidd?s Three Bean Trick
  28. Kabbir Taneja Is A Blockhead [NSFW]
  29. Scott Tokar At The Magic Castle
  30. Colin Cloud On AGT: The Champions
  31. Cosentino Makes His AGT Premiere
  32. Richard Turner Featured On WTVY
  33. AGT, Vanish Mag And More [Magic Bulletin]
  34. Dan White?s 10th Tonight Show Appearance
  35. Murray SawChuck: Dropping Beats!
  36. Magician Lawsuit On ITV?s Judge Rinder
  37. Michael Griffin Plays A Deadly Game [NSFW]
  38. More Magicians Competing On TV and More Female Magicians [Magic Bulletin]
  39. Mortician Magician: A Film About Teddy Lee
  40. Vince Williams, Anthony Hernandez And More [Magic Bulletin]
  41. Salem?s Official Magician Anton Andresen
  42. The Amazing Johnathan Documentary And More [Magic Bulletin]
  43. Congratulations To Dennis Watkins And His Magic Parlour
  44. Alex McAleer On KMSP?s The Jason Show
  45. Issy Simpson Kicks Off AGT: The Champions
  46. Jim Rawlins Magic Collection At Potter And Potter Auctions
  47. Harry Anderson And Deidre Hall
  48. David Kwong?s The Enigmatist Extended Through March
  49. Christian Wedoy On Got Talent Espana
  50. Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! With Cristina Strecopîtov
  51. Richard Imoh On Nigeria?s Today Show
  52. A Quick Look At MagiFest 2018
  53. Malaysia?s Dr. Hassan Hussain Receives Honorary Doctorate
  54. Micahel Kent And Martin Ruin The Ball Vase
  55. Darcy Oake Talks Levitating Heidi Klum
  56. Frank Paris Shows Off His Close Up Case
  57. Darcy Oake Takes The AGT Stage
  58. Ryan Stock And AmberLynn Strike Back
  59. Cody Clark, Eric Tait, Michael Kent And More [Magic Bulletin]
  60. A Different Rubik Cube Trick With Magician Kelly
  61. Oge Arthemus On Indonesia?s OK! Show
  62. Rest In Peace Denny Haney
  63. Ben Hanlin And Hotspurs? Harry Kane
  64. AGT Magic, Live Magic, Magic Kits And More [Magic Bulletin]
  65. Michael Turco And Ed Alonzo On WJXT
  66. Dan Sperry?s Slumber Party
  67. Magi Fest, Angel?s New Vegas Show And More [Magic Bulletin]
  68. Ryan Dutcher On WPDH
  69. Roger Lapin Visits Premier Christian Radio
  70. Shin Lim With Larry King
  71. Darcy Oake On Populist Vancouver
  72. Pickler And Ben Visit Justin Flom
  73. Michael Grandinetti On Masters Of Illusion
  74. A Look Inside The Carbonaro Effect
  75. Vegas, Cruise Ships, Engagements And Olmedini El Mago [Magic Bulletin]
  76. John Fung?s Hong Kong Street Magic
  77. AGT Chats With The Clairvoyants
  78. Piff Returns To AGT
  79. Randall Richman On The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson
  80. A Paris Magician In Japan
  81. Magic Academy, Vegas Magic, Midwest Magic And More [Magic Bulletin]
  82. How To Announce An Award
  83. Curtis Kam At Midwest Magic
  84. Shin Lim?s Vegas Show, Street Magic TV And More [Magic Bulletin]
  85. Finding Magic On Roku
  86. Jungle Josh Close Up Set [NSFW]
  87. Shin Lim and Y, Xavier Mortimer And More [Magic Bulletin]
  88. Jen Kramer Visits Pickler And Ben
  89. Daniel Fernandez At The Golden Globes
  90. Mark James Starts The Year Eating Fire
  91. AGT: The Champs, Derek Hughes, Florida Magic, More [Magic Bulletin]
  92. Dan Sperry Disappears In Germany
  93. The Jewish Museum Of Maryland?s Houdini Exhibit On
  94. Darcy Oake, George Hardeen And David Berglas [Magic Bulletin]
  95. A Look At San Diego?s Illusions Theatre
  96. Raju Kamatkar On ISH News
  97. Magic On TV, Vanish Magazine, Magic Pitcher And More [Magic Bulletin]
  98. Jibrizy At The Clemson Media Day
  99. David Kwong, Naked Magicians, Greg Frewin And More [Magic Bulletin]
  100. Henry Rich On Good Morning America
  101. Jon Dorenbos On The Rich Eisen Show
  102. The First Leak From AGT: The Champions
  103. Luca Gallone, Chris Cox And Dan Kuniak [Magic Bulletin]
  104. Criss Angel To Be Featured On CNBC
  105. Welcoming In The New Year With Ramya Sri
  106. Shin Lim Street Magic From AGT: The Champions
  107. Seth Dreams Shows Off Branson Brick And Mortar Magic
  108. Rest In Peace, Mean Gene [Not Magic But...]
  109. The Last Magic Bulletin Of 2018 [Magic Bulletin]
  110. Breakout Magic Of 2018: Sacred Riana
  111. Shin Lim Wins Big In 2018
  112. Goodbye Tarbell: Every Trick In The Book
  113. Death By Magic Hits Netflix
  114. Broken Wand: Pete Biro
  115. Jason Dean Could Use A Hand
  116. Darcy Oake On The Today Show
  117. Denny Haney Needs Our Help
  118. Wes Iseli At Roanoke?s Carilion Memorial
  119. 2018 Look Back: Magic For Humans
  120. Hip Hop Houdini Brings Magic To Fuse
  121. Magic On Ice Touring Philippines
  122. Steven Brundage With YouTuber Cassie Horton
  123. Houdini?s Last Secrets: First New Magic Of 2019
  124. Graeme Shaw At The Great North Children?s Hospital
  125. A Little Trade Show Magic With Chef Anton
  126. Murray SawChuck, His Mom And Co. Give Hats To The Homeless
  127. Shin Lim Learns To Throw Cards
  128. Aaron Radatz On Fox 2 Detroit
  129. Murray, Kreksin, Brown And Much, Much More [Magic Bulletin]
  130. Jethro Earns A Very Special Honor
  131. America?s Got Talent: A Holiday Of Champions TONIGHT
  132. Dynamo Burglarized, Murray?s Dogs And More [Magic Bulletin]
  133. Christmas Magic From The CW
  134. Celeb Christmas Magic With Daniel Fernandez
  135. Dan Sperry On German Cooking Show
  136. Christmas Magic From The Wonderment Puppet Theater
  137. Cups And Balls From A Brand New Magician
  138. Jibrizy, Colin Cloud, Harris III, Piff And Michael Grandinetti [Magic Bulletin]
  139. Classic Magic Christmas
  140. The BBC Interviews DMC
  141. Aleksandr Zamashka Meets Santa
  142. AGT: The Champions Magic Acts, Jason Bishop And More [Magic Bulletin]
  143. Criss Angel And Johnathan Davis [NSFW]
  144. David Kwong, Pittsburgh Magic Venue, Auction And More [Magic Bulletin]
  145. Lee Terbosic and Scott Schiller Talk Liberty Magic On KDKA
  146. This Week In Marvel With Justin Willman
  147. Kayla Drescher, Richard Young, Adam Trent And Raman Sharma [Magic Bulletin]
  148. New YouTube Video From DMC
  149. Daniel Fernandez YouTube Inspired Magic [NSFW]
  150. DMC, Conductor Cody And Magic In School [Magic Bulletin]
  151. Kid Ace With Some Subway Magic
  152. And Now For Some Geek Magic? [Warning: Kind Of Gross]
  153. Justin Flom With Hoda And Kathie Lee
  154. Marc Spelmann On Heat World
  155. Long Interview With Luis de Matos
  156. A Christmas Song From Kevin Kelly And Johnny
  157. Intergalactic Auction News
  158. The Magician?s Cabaret In Sydney
  159. Colin Cloud Hit The NFL Network
  160. A Magic Game Show With Ben Young
  161. International Street Magic
  162. New Vanish, Great Scott And More [Magic Bulletin]
  163. Jason Bishop, Super Magic, Anderson Returns And More [Magic Bulletin]
  164. Red Hat Magic With Scott Tokar
  165. Adam Trent On Live! With Kelly And Ryan
  166. Dan White On Good Morning America
  167. Darcy Oake On CBS News
  168. Gopal Jaadugar?s Political Magic
  169. It Is Christmas Time!
  170. Take A Deep Breath?
  171. Rak Su Meet Up With Troy
  172. Jamie Allan On WGN
  173. Sometimes It Is All About Picking Your Audience
  174. A Look At Paul Siegel
  175. Amodei, London And DMC [Magic Bulletin]
  176. DMC?s Death By Magic Q&A
  177. Ricky Jay, Magician Escapes Mob Life And More [Magic Bulletin]
  178. Inga Savitskaya?s Invisible Partner
  179. Ricky Jay?s Three Card Monte From American Masters
  180. Ricky Jay On Arsenio circa 1988
  181. Ricky Jay, Murray SawChuck and Rainho [Magic Bulletin]
  182. Zamaan Ismail Performing For Liverpool FC
  183. Murray Sawchuck Before The Pranks
  184. Ricky Jay Passes Away At 72 [Broken Wand]
  185. Franco, Local Profiles And Internships [Magic Bulletin]
  186. Gary Ouellet: The Man Behind The World?s Greatest Magic
  187. Illusionist Clifford Performing For Pooja Bedi
  188. Franz Harary Vanishes A Space Shuttle
  189. Darcy Oake And The Illusionists
  190. Brett Daniels On WGM III
  191. A Couple Of Illusions From Danny Orleans
  192. Brain Glow, AGT Champions, Redbone Magic And More [Magic Bulletin]
  193. Bill Malone On The World?s Greatest Magic
  194. The Evansons On World?s Greatest Magic V
  195. A Little Something From The Amazing Johnathan
  196. Joseph Gabriel On World?s Greatest Magic 3
  197. Death By Magic, Houdini?s Last Secrets And Lance Burton [Magic Bulletin]
  198. Cameron South At the South Irvine Improv
  199. Clowns, Magic And Magicians
  200. Remembering Stan Lee [It Ain't Magic But...]
  201. Joe rogan and james corden
  202. Maria Gish On Se Vale
  203. Jibrizy On The Jam
  204. Jibrizy Performs For Steve Harvey
  205. Kevin Jay On Radio Clatterbridge
  206. Fred Razon On La France A Un Incroyable Talent
  207. Reza Heads To El Dorado
  208. Damien Carriere?s Crazy Upside Down Escape
  209. Escape Gone Bad, Rob Lake And More [Magic Bulletin]
  210. WSET Previews Where Magic Happened Reality Show
  211. Art Of Play Promo Getting Attention
  212. Alaska Magic, Dynamo Magic And Grandpa Magic [Magic Bulletin]
  213. Mountain Magic, Military Magic And More [Magic Bulletin]
  214. Rich Magicians, Charitable Magicians And More [Magic Bulletin]
  215. Lance Burton On TV
  216. Robot VS Copier [It Ain't Magic But...]
  217. Adam Wilber, Adam Trent And Vanish [Magic Bulletin]
  218. Justin Flom Gives TV Hosts Private Magic Show
  219. Diwali, Best Magic Shops and Dynamo [Magic Bulletin]
  220. Ding Yang At The Greg Frewin Theatre
  221. Visiting Misdirections Magic Shop In San Francisco
  222. MagiCuba, Nathan Allen And More [Magic Bulletin]
  223. Tenyo Mickey Mouse Poster [Magic On The Block]
  224. Mentalist Fred Zimmerman Reads Body Language
  225. Cuban Magic, Vegas Magic And Kentucky Mentalism [Magic Bulletin]
  226. Ivan Amodei On San Diego CBS 8
  227. Ryan Hayashi (And Johnny) With A Little Magic
  228. Eric Chien?s FISM Award Winning Act
  229. Bruce Jacoby, Houdini, Justin Willman And Brian Brushwood [Magic Bulletin]
  230. Some Inspiration For Your Video Friday
  231. Mat Franco Visits With Steve Harvey
  232. Blackstone, SawChuck, Brandon Parker And Dean Waters [Magic Bulletin]
  233. In Memory Of The Great Harry Houdini
  234. Happy Halloween? With The Spook Shows!
  235. A Halloween Treat: A Look Inside Magic Island
  236. Lee Terbosic, David Kwong, Elijah Cross And Houdini [Magic Bulletin]
  237. More With Lee Terbosic
  238. Spidey Spends Halloween With Rachel Ray
  239. Voodoo At The Castle From The Shocker And Bizzaro
  240. Windy City Live Magic Streak Continues With Jibrizy
  241. Hart Keene, Lance Burton, Mat Franco And Piff [Magic Bulletin]
  242. Cutting A Woman In Half (Or More)
  243. Halloween Magic, Spencer Horsman, AGT Live And More [Magic Bulletin]
  244. Joshua Jay On The Tonight Show
  245. Before There Were Video Tapes
  246. David Gabbay At The Castle
  247. David Berglas Talks About Working In The Film Industry
  248. A Little Spooky Halloween Cardistry
  249. Iván Ojeda?s Got Talent
  250. DMC To Netflix, Murray At One Million And More [Magic Bulletin]