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Default Welcome to the Academy

We here at ExoMagic have something special starting. Brewing in the background, we have been busy developing new ideas and projects to bring to all of you the best source of magic on the net. Today we bring to you the start of something that will help you bring your magic to a new level.

Welcome to the Academy

We are all artists. Every one of us tries to be a master of illusion. In order to cause the impossible to happen for our spectators, we have to have the right tools. The Academy is here to bring to you new tools to use to accomplish your magic goals.

The Academy is divided into, for now, two sections, Sleights and Tricks. Accompanied by subforums that are categorized as below:

Here you come to learn the moves that your spectators don't see. All the workings of a sleight of hand artist can be found here.

Once you learn the sleights, come here for all you need to know to put together routines with those sleights. Here are the performances, tips, and subtleties that will give you brand new material for your arsenal.

Member VideosMember Videos
Forum for posts focusing on a user-submitted video/image for review. All media content should be appropriate for all audiences...

Help Shack
New to magic or been in the art for 40 years? Learn, teach, and evolve. Ask sensitive questions regarding the art and anything else not categorized. Real magicians will answer and assist.

Gimmicks & Accessories
From slush powder to performance tables, if you need help with a gimmick, accessory, or utility this is where you'll find it.

Card Magic
Discuss anything related to card magic here. This thread is kept from the prying eyes of the public.

Discuss anything related to mentalism here. This thread is kept from the prying eyes of the public.

Stage & Performance Magic
Magicians post and share advice on stage magic and performances. This is a must for anyone looking to expand their art further then a hobby.

Discuss anything related to money magic here. From coins, dollars, to shells this is your financial haven. This thread is kept from the prying eyes of the public.

Discuss anything related to Psycho-Kinetic. From the Greek ψυχή, "psyche", meaning mind, soul or heart; and κίνησις, "kinesis", meaning motion, movement; literally "mind-movement". This thread is kept from the prying eyes of the public.

General/Misc Discussion
A place to post theory, ideas, thoughts, essays or experiences involving the art of magic

Requests and Suggestions
If you are looking for a tutorial of a trick or sleight, post here and we will see what we can get for you. NO FAD or TRADEMARK tricks or TRICKS FROM ANOTHER MAGIC COMPANY!

The Lab
Create tricks, ask advice, give advice and more! Where the best of the best put their magical know-how to work creating new effects for ExoMagic and the world.

This is all the topics that we decided to lock and pack away for now.

Now, just because Sleights and Tricks exist doesn't mean that they should all be public knowledge. Magicians are secretive, the public can't know of these things. Because of the secretive nature of magic, the Academy is divided into different levels. Just for being an active user, you gain access to Level One. Those with Level One Clearance get to see and learn the fundamentals of magic. Basic sleights and tricks are here, right now, for you to practice and learn. As you progress and participate in the forums, you may gain additional clearance to more challenging and amazing magic. Promotions are not yet being offered, but soon, as our library of ExoMagician made tutorials grows, we will extend the opportunity to, by discussing your progress with a member of Staff, gain higher levels of clearance.

To access the Academy, go to the forum main page. At mid-level, you will find the Academy and sub-forums. It will appear as your levels increase.

Clearance levels are as followed:
* Level One - 7 day registration & 10+ posts
* Level Two - 7 day registration & 70+ posts
* Level Three - 150 rep OR 150+ posts

Exposure & Gimmicks (drawing the line)

Topic title:
This should be relevant to the effect, and should have the effect name in the title. Please don't title your thread "OMG...", A good example is "Card Happening by Sanada" (Thanks iezama for the use of your thread title )


What can/can't I post? Where do you draw the line?
We know exactly where our stance is on copyrighted effects. We feel that as long as it is not exclusively published work it is alright. We will also allow the reference of specific sleights, such as top change or bottom palming. The explanations of such sleights, belong exclusively in The Academy, as long as they are not exclusively published.

*Addition* Posting YouTube videos of other people performing tutorials is against the board rules. You may post your own filmed tutorial of a public change/sleight but nothing that is copyright or published by a specific company.

Again, we will not tolerate the exposure of creator specific gimmicks/exclusively published gimmicks. In other words: We won't tolerate exposure of "Sweetly Done" by Shane Black, however, tutorials on "How to make your own double backer" are alright with us.

If you are posting a tutorial as to how to make a gimmick, try to make it as professional as possible. Please keep spelling mistakes to a minimum, and try to use proper grammar. No one wants to read a paragraph of text that has no punctuations.

Now, the Academy is not done. We have lots to do still. There are only a few sleights and tricks available for you to learn now. The Academy is NOT for people to just see how to do a sleight. It is a place to ask questions. It is a place to add your own input and suggestions. If you have a sleight or tricks that YOU created and would like to share, here is the place. The Academy is working towards becoming the premier school of magic on the internet at NO COST TO ANYONE!

A little administrative note - This is not a place to rip off other magicians. Don't even bother trying to get for free the method for a trick from another website. We are not about fad magic here. We are here to teach people, from the ground up, the things they need to do to become REAL magicians, not simply YouTube magicians. If Bucky Danielson on just released Sparked, DO NOT COME HERE ASKING FOR IT. We do not steal magic from other artists. We take classic and new sleights and routines and add our own. If you want to find some other websites magic for free, go away. That kind of theft is not welcome here. We are here to learn, not to steal.

One last thing. There is a little idea known across the world as the "Magician's Code." Just because you learn something cool here does NOT mean that you need to share it with the world. The magic here is for Magicians only, and we are going to great lengths to keep it that way. If you misuse this information, you will lose it. Don't understand? If we find you doing something wrong with the things you learn here, you will loose your ability to be in the Academy. If, say, Joe comes here, learns the Classic Pass, and then puts up a tutorial on Youtube for laymen everywhere to see, he will loose access to the Academy. Also, if the tutorials here are spread to different websites, the same thing will happen. Anyone in the world can come here and, with work, gain the same free access to everything that you can gain. Don't be a looser and just steal the tutorials to put on another website. Instead, share with your magician friends so they can learn. In short, be smart, be respectful, and keep secrets secret.

There you have it. Welcome to Level One of the Academy. There is good stuff here for you. Enjoy.

Learn it. Practice it. Perfect it. Keep it safe.

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